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City of Corunna Announces COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

For more information contact:
Joseph Sawyer, City Manager
Phone: 989-743-3650
Email: citymanager@corunna-mi.gov

Due to the COVID-19 virus Corunna City Hall is closed to the public for walk-in traffic.  Intercoms are available in the West and East Lobbies to reach office staff during normal business hours Monday-Thursday. If you require an in-person appointment, you are encouraged to call ahead. Drop Boxes are available in both the West and East Lobbies, as well as outside of the West Lobby. You may contact City Hall the following ways and we will get back to you as soon as possible:
 • Call (989) 743-3650.
• Go to the City website at www.corunna-mi.gov.  You can find email addresses and forms on the website.

If you need to make payments to City Hall, the Corunna Police Department, or Corunna-Caledonia Fire Department here are the options:
• Mail your payment to:  City of Corunna, 402 N. Shiawassee St.,   Corunna, MI  48817.
• Place your payment in the drop box located outside by the Police entrance, or inside the West or East Lobbies.
• Go to the City website at www.corunna-mi.gov and select the On-Line Taxes or Utilities link.
• Call (989) 743-3650 and we can receive credit cards payments over the phone (there are some exceptions as to what the payment is for).

The following operation changes are anticipated to be in effect until May 18th, 2020:

1. All City residents are discouraged from conducting business within City Hall, or any
other city facility that can otherwise be conducted via U.S. Mail, Online at
http://www.corunna-mi.gov/, or via the city drop box located by the East entry to
City Hall, as well as inside the West and East Lobbies. Drop boxes are checked continually. Elderly and at-risk Populations should avoid City Hall and other city facilities.

2. Existing City Park and Corunna Community Center reservations may be cancelled
with a full refund of the reservation fee if COVID-19 restrictions so require.

4. City Administration will be taking measures to afford paid sick time to employees
who may become exposed to COVID-19, and have made vaccinations available to all city employees (non-mandatory). All city personnel are encouraged to error on the side of caution.

5. In-person Public Works related appointments or close contact with the public by
Public Works staff will limited. Residents are encouraged to call the city rather
than request an in-person meeting to address any concerns. Cemetery operations
will continue as normal.

6. In-person Code Enforcement contact and Rental Inspection operations will
continue as is reasonable. Most enforcement will occur via US Mail.

7. Residents requiring a meeting with a city employee or official should call first to
schedule an appointment.

These mitigation measures have been reviewed and endorsed by the Corunna City Council. For
any further questions regarding City operational changes please contact the office of the City
Manager at 989-743-3650. Any healthcare related questions should be directed to the
Shiawassee County Health Department at 989-743-2355.

If you are looking for information on renting one of the pavilions, gazebos or even the community center, please call Corunna Police Department at 989-743-3650 x 2  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. for availability and pricing.

The 2019 Water Quality Report can now be found by clicking on the document center tab on the left of this screen. The report is filed under the "Public Notices" section.

Corunna Parks and Recreation has many events happening at the Community Center.  Please click on the "Attractions & Events" tab on the left side of this page.


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The City of Corunna is an equal opportunity employer.