Corunna Downtown Development Authority

                                               Downtown Development Authority

The City of Corunna Downtown Development Authority (DDA), established per Act 197 of Public Acts of 1975, as amended, of the State of Michigan.  The Act's purpose is to help communities throughout Michigan to prevent deterioration within the downtown district, to promote economic growth and revitalization, and to encourage historic preservation.

The downtown is the center of the community not only economically, but also socially and culturally.  If the downtown is vibrant, then the entire community is vibrant.  As the downtown improves, the entire community improves.  

Meeting Times and Location 
Downtown Development Authority meetings are regularly held at 4:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month in the lower level of the Community Center.  Usually, the meetings last about one hour.

All DDA regular, special, and informational meetings are open to the public.  The DDA Commission encourages public attendance and input to their decision-making process.

DDA Commission:
          Name                               Position/Company                                            E-mail
          Connie Reichert               President - Resident/Property Interest
          Chuck Kerridge                Vice President - City Mayor                 
          Sheryl Frazier                  Resident/Property Interest                  
          Cheryl Hannah                 Property Interest                                 
          Steve Olmsted                 Property Interest                                 
          Harry Hadley                   Corunna Chiropractic                           
          Bus Spaniola                   Resident/Property Interest                   
          Mike White                      Council - Ward 3                                  
          Mike Sarrazin                  SL&H Metals                                        
          Michael Luongo              Property Interest