Mount McCurdy

Corunna's Mount McCurdy !

Safety Guidelines... A Must Read!  Please Click The Image Below.
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Mount McCurdy is located in Hugh McCurdy Park,
just North of the Corunna Historical Village!

Thank You to all the contractors who donated clean fill dirt to help us build our Sled Mountain.  The city began construction of the "Mountain" in September of 2006.  Former mayor Homer Bennett volunteered to help get the ball rolling with help from Perrin Construction. The initial loads of fill dirt came from Corunna's 2006 construction season. 

With fill dirt from 2006 parking lot and utility projects, and 2007 sanitary sewer and road construction, we collected all the dirt we needed.  Zito Construction finished out the build in September of 2007. Night Lighting was installed in December, 2008.

Future improvements may include a warming hut, concession stand, and landscape and fencing improvements.  In 2006 the park restrooms by the playscape were improved to add heat and insulation for winter use.  

As of May 30th, 2008 we have received $3,410 in donations for our improvements.  If you would like to help out, we are asking for $50 sponsorships.  A sponsor recognition sign will be installed in 2008.  Please make checks payable to the "City of Corunna", and write "Sled Hill" on the memo line.

Thank you to Corunna's Forest Management Commission for approving $1,500 for landscape improvements.   Also, thank you to the Corunna Building Authority for a  $1,500 donation to the Park Improvement Fund.

Want to donate for future improvements?  Click the photo below!
Click Here for a donation form in PDF format (~280k).

We are also accepting donations for snow generators.....   Never underestimate the City of Corunna or our many volunteers!

Mount McCurdy on YouTube

Sled Mountain Photo Tour - Select a link below for more pics!

Click Here - Early Beginnings - 2006
Click Here - Homer Bennett & Mark Perrin - 2006
Click Here - Zito Build - 2007
Click Here - Topsoil & Seed - 2007
Click Here - Fence Beginnings - 2007
Click Here - Rope & Post - 2007
Click Here - Views From A New Height
Click Here - First Snow on the Mount

Click Here - Sawyer Brothers on New Years Day
Click Here - Garden Terrace Planted - 2008