Heritage Park Phase II

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The Heritage Park Committee, comprised of Keith Johnson, Dianne Johnson and Millie Taute stillneed our help!  (These are the folks who voluntarily maintain the grounds and flower garden!).

Our Phase II (20 Year Anniversary) Project is well underway.


A new ~203’ loop has been which will feature 58 square sponsors. An additional ~63 feet of connections to our Phase I Bench Pads and Phase II Table Pads will soon be poured and feature an additional 18 square sponsors. This ~266’ run with 76 square sponsors has received GREAT support!  67 of the 76 squares have been sold or sponsored, leaving us with only 9 square sponsors still available.

This new loop and connections are designed 5’ wide and meet a 5% slope to provide handicap accessibility to the riverbank. The approximate 3.5’x5’ squares cost $160 each, which includes a bronze engraved 2-line plaque to be set in each section in recognition of its sponsor. Plaques will allow a maximum of 18 characters per line. Sponsor’s may buy an additional line for $10.00. 

This portion of the project is estimated to cost ~$7,550 not including Heritage Park Committee and Corunna Department of Public Works participation. Special thanks to Trimar Farms Excavating and Rand’s Custom Concrete for materials and labor donations, allowing us to contribute $50 of each square sold to support the enhancement project.


The enhancement project is estimated to cost an additional ~$10,740. This project is fully funded with ~$4,610 from square sponsors in addition to ~$6,130 in enhancement sponsors. Enhancement sponsors include Larry Runyan, Capital Consultants, Chemical Bank and the City of Corunna.

This enhancement project includes installation of two ~12’x12’ colored concrete patio squares with accessible picnic tables (like you see in front of Corunna City Hall less one seat), replacement of the existing aged picnic table, installation of two new benches and two trash receptacles matching the downtown streetscape fixtures, accessibility improvements to access the bench pads, addition of two cooking grills, and installation of a step system to connect the non-accessibility Phase 2 loop on the North end. In addition, the existing Heritage Park loop will be extended from a 4’ sidewalk width to a 5’ width.  

Total project cost is ~$18,500 (including sponsor purchase of additional 3rd line, NOT INCLUDING In-Kind Contributions).

A special Thanks to our In-Kind Sponsors. 
Randy’s Custom Concrete for reduced cost and donated labor.
Trimar Farms Excavating for donated labor and materials.
Home Depot for materials and labor for the future step system.

The value of these In-Kind contributions is estimated to be ~$6,500+, for a total improvement project of ~$25,000+!!

2005 is the 20 Year Anniversary of the original sidewalk project. Construction is underway and we will be planning a dedication ceremony for late summer!

Click Here for a PDF Heritage Park Square Sponsor Form.