Runyan Rock

Thanks to Al Horton and Keith Johnson, in September of 2006 we had a new addition to Corunna's Heritage Park.
larryrock          larryrock

A rock was moved into place in Heritage Park Phase II.  
This rock, I call "Runyan Rock", is placed in honor of Larry Runan
his service to the council, community and his nearly $4,000 in donations towards the Heritage Park Phase II project.  
Several memorials to Larry's family members and friends are located near his rock.  Unfortunately, 
Larry did not live to see the completion of the project.

In the future, a plaque will be placed on Larry Rock in his honor.
Donations to assist with this and future projects in the park may be made to the "City of Corunna - Heritage Park Fund".

For more about Larry, click here or on the photo above.